It reduces the interfacial tension between the crude and the surface of the rock, contributing in this way to the additional production of oil in heavy and extra-heavy oil formations, avoiding in addition the early irruption of water in the well.

Increase in Oil Permeability


It is a technology formulated based on mixtures of water-soluble tension-active agents, for heavy and extra-heavy oil reservoirs, which modifies the fluid-rock contact angle, changing from wet rock to oil to wet rock to water.

Characteristics of Technology

  • Water-based, non-corrosive formulation. Not flammable Not toxic. Biodegradable.
  • Based on the principle of change of wettability on the porous media.
  • Increase the relative permeability to the oil (Kor) and decrease the relative water permeability (Krw).
  • Does not cause stable emulsions.

Typical Applications

  • Matrix stimulations in heavy and extra-heavy oil sandstone deposits.