The commitment with those who integrate our human talent begins and is carried out from the moment in which its potential is identified in the selection process and it is maintained during the recruitment, training and permanence in PetroAlianza.

Human talent is a key factor of our corporation


Recruitment and Training

PetroAlianza, is distinguished by the diversity of our workforce, men and women, with different origins and training, where multiple and significant experiences, technical competences and attitudes converge, to encourage teamwork, with a common goal: Strengthen a single organizational culture «Passionate about Excellence», with high quality standards, efficiency and effectiveness. We make a difference by capturing human talent, aligned in their individual interests, values, vision and mission of our organization.

Selection and Recruitment Process

The recruitment process allows the organization to capture potential candidates to occupy positions in the organizational structure, this process takes into consideration the work experience, level of education, skills and abilities in the area that requires the profile.

In this sense, a pre-selection of the submitted applications is made and the candidate is contacted for a first interview, application of knowledge tests and attitude tests.

Subsequently, according to the review of the tests performed, the candidates with the best results in the test are preselected and a second interview is scheduled, which focuses on the candidate as a person, including questions about their motivation and particular interests. Once we know their interests and experiences, we evaluate the best profile according to the information provided by the interviewers.

The process continues with the generation of the status of the interviews, in the case of being selected for the second process, it is informed in accordance with the requirements and established profile, efficiently fulfilling the recruitment process in the organization.

Our selection processes are oriented towards:

  • Excellent interpersonal relationships that contribute to qualified work with high Performance teams.
  • Oriented towards achievement, profitability and productivity.
  • Able work under pressure.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Working methodology based on planning, proactivity and prevention.
  • Well-rounded leaders 
  • Committed to Integrated quality and safety management systems
  • High levels of demands in personal and professional development.
  • Commitment of loyalty and organizational honesty.
  • Flexibility in the process of adapting to changes.
  • Customer-oriented in offering value-added solutions to their operations.
  • Passion for excellence, efficiency and effectiveness in the execution of projects.


Our Recruitment Processes

If you meet the required skills for the requested profile send us your resume / Curriculum Vitae through the following address: In this way we can evaluate your job profile and contact you to start a process according to the openings in the organization.

Training and Development

In PetroAlianza, we believe that high quality training is fundamental to both the success of our human talent and the organization.

Our ability to adapt to new business challenges is strongly linked to the ability of our people to develop their skills and achieve excellence, so therefore in PetroAlianza the human talent training and development processes are characterized by being constant and continuous, applicable to all organizational levels, and defined with a career plan adapted to the needs for each of our employees.

PetroAlianza designs strategies for training and career development, considering their management, technical and QHSE skills, applying learning methodologies that incorporate formal training actions, in presence courses, workshops, etc, and as well reinforce them with on the job training.

Our corporation has designed the «PetroAlianza Skills and Capacities (PACC) System», which allows us to identify the capacities and skills each collaborator needs to have at for his/her current position, at the same time determining the training plan required to train employees, and thus to visualize their promotion plan. The implementation of this system seeks to introduce in the employees a culture of projection in the setting of career plans, by using the necessary tools according to a management system that allows to communicate the expectations of each worker in order to generate an excellent performance and professional growth. With the clear purpose of guaranteeing a sustainable and effective development of the personnel, a satisfactory performance with exceptional professional and organizational results; PetroAlianza assures with constant evaluations the assimilation and implementation of the knowledge acquired by its human talent.


PetroAlianza strengthens the way of thinking and acting, the empowerment of human talent, to make it consistent with current conditions and flexible enough to assimilate the future, vision, mission and organizational strategies, in a way that contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness, being able to face the new challenges of the environment.

Human talent is the key factor of our corporation, their success is our success, their training and development is our commitment; PetroAlianza recognizes its value with highly competitive remuneration, economic and social compensation policies that favor identification with the organization and professional motivation.