PetroAlianza makes fine band services available for the purpose of making the first diagnoses to the wells that will allow the definition of a rigless work or drill, being considered as the fastest and most effective service to raise deferred production at the lowest operating cost in the entire oil industry.

Hydraulic power


PetroAlianza makes available our Slick Line Services with the purpose of making the first diagnosis in the wells that will allow definition o rigless operations or rig-based operations. Slick Line is considered as the fastest and most effective services to raise deferred production at the lowest operating cost within the entire oil and gas industry.

Slick Line services is an intervention method in which a thin-cable is run-in-hole with basic tools (BHA – Bottom Hole Assembly) to diagnose problems and to evaluate current well conditions, including internal conditions on the completion and helping in determining obstruccions across the production zones.

The main components of a Slick Line unit include: The cable, the cable drum, the hydraulic power unit and the well control equipment.

PetroAlianza incorporates highly trained and experienced people to its Slick Line operations. Their understanding of problems in the wells allow jobs successfully executed, so well interventions are reduced, contributing to production recovery minimizing non-productive times.

Despite of the high volume of work we have been succesful on Slick Line services. Our sucess resides in the incorporation of innovative technologies, such as state-of-the-art memory logging tools, specialized fishing tools, tubing punch applications, etc allowing our customers to save time and money on its operations, so improving production.

PetroAlianza incorporates the best engineering and technical knowledge with leadership and commitment in each of the lines of services and products. Our company is the result of a continuous tradition of quality and reliability in Slick Line services, highlighted by reputation and excellent service quality, strengthened by an organizational structure based on experience and contribution of solutions.

As mentioned above, PetroAlianza offers state-of-the-art technology in relation to the acquisition of data with the highest quality sensors, as well as pressure data and temperature parameters, which ensure the accuracy and resolution of data in the most hostile conditions, so that the client perform their analyzes and reservoir studies accordingly.

Mechanical Diagnosis
• Bottom tag
• Pipes calibration
• Pipes tests
• Straight string
• Safety Valve installation

Deferred Production Recovery
• Gas Lift Valves replacement
• Opening/Closure of sliding sleeves
• PX and PR plugs installation
• Fishing operations

Logging Diagnosis
• Static and Dynamic Logging
• Production Logging (PLT)
• PyT Special Logging
• Build-Up / Fall-Off Logging (Bottom hole closure)
• Build-Up / Fall-Off Logging (Surface closure)