Production Services

Short and Extended Well Tests

Well Testing operations vary according to the type of operation and purpose of the test. Each one of them varies in the type of fluids to be received through the Well Testing equipment, either from the well (produced) and / or introduced in the same in order to perform an artificial lift system.

The initial form of receiving each well varies and depends on the conditions of the same, as well as the technique used by the operator of the equipment, with a unique objective that is to determine the values ​​of a typical production test: Flows Regimes and Identification of fluids.

The determination of important parameters such as API gravity, chloride ion content, BS&W and pH measurement are carried out in a Well Testing job, whose determination is important as these results allow to identify the oil characteristics when it reaches surface and thus be able to choose the equipment and treatments that are adequate to handle this type of fluids.

Early Production Facilities – EPF

«Early Production Facilities» are required when the volume of hydrocarbon present in the reservoirs is economically attractive and it is desired that the production of oil meet the quality parameters required by the competent authorities for their subsequent sale and transportation.

Within the production facilities in oilfields, an aspect of great importance is the optimization of the production processes of the existing hydrocarbons in a given reservoir, which are in accordance with the characteristics and properties of the existing fluids: Extraction, collection, treatment and sale of fluids.

It is necessary that the people in charge of these operations have enough knowledge and apply the principles and behaviors of fluids in the formation, in addition to analyzing in detail the processes and operating procedures and the correct sizing of the equipment to operate more efficiently.

On surface, a series of equipment are used and are required to collect, separate, treat and dispatch the produced fluids from the different producing wells. This equipment must be sized according to the characteristics and flow conditions in order to avoid «bottlenecks» that may affect the production potential and achieve optimal treatment.

In operations, national and international standards and technical standards must be applied and especially those recommended by the AGA, API, ASTM, NFPA, NTC-ICONTEC, RETIE or any other that modifies, equals or exceeds which are used in the oil industry.


Design and Manufacture of Facilities

It is necessary to know the production potential of the wells, either by natural flow or using any of the artificial lifting systems, so fluids can be treated at surface. According to the characteristics of pressure and optimal flow conditions that have been established, the best hydrocarbon recovery factor will be achieved and thus the delivery of such said fluids, under sales specifications to their respective users or customers, at the best cost-benefit, will be achieved.

Operations and Maintenance of fields – O&M

Our corporation is able to provide qualified and experienced personnel for the implementation of operational activities in oil and gas fields. In this sense, operational work is achieved through the integration of competencies, resources and high quality standards to comprehensively manage the production of oilfields.