Inhibitor of calcium carbonate precipitates, reduces non-productive times and cleaning costs per well. It increases the useful life of the equipment, minimizing the excessive wear that can be caused by acidic or chemical cleaning.




It is an inhibitor of calcium carbonate precipitates, which prevents the nucleation and growth of scales at the level of tubing and formation.

ScaleCLEAN benefits:

  • Increases the useful life of well equipment.
  • Improves the efficiency of hydrocarbon production.
  • Decreases in deferred production.
  • Reduce the bottom and surface cleaning costs.
  • Improves the efficiency of artificial lift systems (gas lift, BCP and BES).

Typical Applications.

  • Bottom dosing through a capillary.
  • Injected at the reservoir level.

Characteristics of Technology:

  • Compatible with most types of crude chemical treatments (corrosion inhibitors, paraffin inhibitors, asphaltene inhibitors, biocides, demulsifiers, surfactants, among others).
  • Soluble in water, does not cause stable emulsions.
  • Typical treatment dosages, based on the total fluid rate produced, vary between: 500 PPM (or 0.05% v/v).