It is a technology developed by PetroAlianza that combines the application of exclusive technologies for the removal of formation damage, caused by the filtering and the mud cake present during the drilling of the wells. In this way the productivity of the same is recovered at levels that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Cleaning speed


RcakeCLEAN® is a technological solution for the cleaning of sand, fluids, emulsions, grids, removal of mud cake and induction to production in horizontal or vertical wells.

RcakeCLEAN® combines DualCT® and CT Spiral Venturi Tool® technologies with a stimulation treatment designed exclusively to remove the damage present in the well originated by the drilling fluids. Laboratory tests allow to customize the treatment according to the type of mud used in the well.

The CT Spiral Venturi Tool® is a patented technology, which aims to generate a high-speed jet through nozzles located at the end of the tool, while sucking and returning to the surface the cleaning fluid by a jet pump , composed of a jet and a venturi.


RcakeCLEAN®/ Coiled Tubing Cleaning – It consists of 4 elements:



  • CT Dual consists of two pipes, one inside the other (External of 2 3/8” x Internal of 1 1/4″).
  • Does not require gel, nor N2 for cleaning.
  • There will never be a loss of circulation.
  • Ideal for application in horizontal wells.
  • Creates a closed circuit minimizing the use of fluids.

CT Spiral Venturi Tool®

  • Has 3 modalities, Jetting / Venturi, Venturi and only Jetting.
  • It is activated with treated fluid, it is pumped through 1 1/4 » pipe and the fluid is returned by the annular between the 2 3/8″ and 1 ¼ » pipes.
  • It has a length of 3.5 ft.
  • You can add other tools.


  • We customize the treatments for each well.
  • We determine which will be the most appropriate chemical design for the well intervention.
  • We simulate a cake using mud in the hole and then create a fluid capable of removing it.
  • Without affecting the compatibility between well fluids and those proposed.

OPTIMUS DualCT Simulator

  • Simulating real conditions of the well, attaching information supplied by the client.
  • The simulator predicts what pressures and rates will be used during the well intervention.
  • Define the pressure to switch the CT Spiral Venturi tool.
  • It is applicable in new wells that have just finished their drilling stage and also in existing wells in which productivity has decreased due to the plugging of the screenss that are used to complete the well.

In addition to the mentioned above, you can also do:

  • Cleaning of wells of very low pressure, without generating damage to the formation.
  • Stimulation and Induction to production without nitrogen.
  • Evaluation of the integrity of the liner.
  • Evaluation by production zone along the liner.
  • Simulation with the use of own software (Developed in Venezuela).

Typical Applications:

  • Wells producing hydrocarbons and water injectors.
  • Vertical and Horizontal.

Characteristics of Technology

  • Dual Coiled Tubing: 2 3/8 «x 1 1/4».
  • External maximum diameter of the bottom tool 3 1/4 «.
  • Working Fluid: Water
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 1 1/4 «Internal Coiled Tubing: 15,000 Psi, 2 3/8» External Coiled Tubing: 9,000 Psi.
  • Maximum working temperature: 390 ⁰
  • High annular speed for the recovery of solids (60-100 in./sec).
  • Cleaning speed: 1 – 4 ft / min.
  • It does not require nitrogen.
  • Removal treatments for mud cake designed according to the type of mud used in the well.
  • Reactive and non-reactive fluids can be used.
  • It is possible to record pressure and temperature before, during and after the work of RcakeCLEAN® (Memory Gauge).
  • Accessory Index Tool (Tool of Hydraulic Orientation) for the cases that have not embedded the guide pipe in the Liner.
  • Accessory Junk Venturi Basket for the cleaning of elastomer, waste from guns and sand obstructions with consolidated asphaltenes.