PetroAlianza’s commitment is to provide the best tools to its working team and PetroWeb is one of them. Its versatility will allow us to position ourselves as leaders in QHSE in compliance with local, international and client’s regulations.

Excellent Level of Quality


“PetroWeb” allows us to maximize the operational and administrative processes that the corporation carries out. It is a tool designed under the directives of PetroAlianza management, complying with the requirements and profile of an Oilfield Services Company.

This powerful tool has been developed and implemented in 2011 with a highly competitive and innovative quality management system for our employees. The QHSE module facilitates the investigation of risk events and trends, registers audits, inspections and work meetings, administers corrective action plans (RWPs), shows suggestions for improvements, allows for recognition reports and training records in QHSE also providing QHSE reports and data analysis.

Our corporation is constantly updating systems and processes, and it has been expanding this interactive platform with the transformation of a more complete software that involves several modules for other lines of services such as: Operations, maintenance and human talent.

With the implementation of PetroWeb, the optimization and simplification of the processes is achieved, allowing the collaborators to execute the activities in a shorter time. 

PetroWeb Modules

E-QHSE Module

    • It acts as a central storage point and is easily accessible for key records for the development of QHSE processes.
    • It is used for the statistical analysis of the risk profile and performance in QHSE.
    • Allows local or remote monitoring of risk reports and action plans.
    • It allows analyzing risk management based on TOP reports (PetroAlianza observation card).
    • Through its versatile modules it allows the management of QHSE in all service lines allowing its users to self-manage all their quality and security processes.
    • It is the cornerstone of our QHSE management system.
  • It allows us to keep the PetroAlianza community informed of the news in QHSE through its versatile PetroBlog module, where monthly news, safety issues and general information of our organization are placed.

E-Talent Module

  • It allows access to PetroAlianza’s internal curriculum or profile of each collaborator.
  • It is a tool to support the “Human Talent Management” department in terms of compensations, and thus be able to visualize the tabs through the system.
  • Register and view the salaries of each employee.
  • Allows the storage of not-fiscal payments and utilities, as a means to control and monitor the payments generated to date.
  • Record of payments made to each employee in terms of food benefits and other benefits.
  • It allows the collaborator to check his pending days to enjoy in terms of vacations according to the years of work in the company.
  • Monitor and store medical assistance control for the enjoyment of HCM.


E-Learning Module

PetroAlianza offers to collaborators an online E-Learning module. It is an interactive training at their own pace in certain areas. Online training helps employees acquire skills they need to be more productive. E-Learning is a virtual education module designed by PetroAlianza to help employees to learn and train on their own.