In a changing and globalized world, PetroAlianza, assumes challenges in terms of technological, productive and scientific development required by the oil sector. Therefore, it seeks to satisfy in an integral manner all the needs of our clients, with processes that meet international quality standards, respecting the environment, the laws and cultures where we operate.

Passionate About Excellence


Today, PetroAlianza is an independent oil services company for the venezuelan market, widely recognized and focused on providing its clients with quality services at international level with a portfolio of services and owned technologies, thus contributing to production goals.

The human talent that makes up the corporation daily live and execute our organizational culture: Highlighting «Passionate About Excellence», with outstanding pillars in execution under the highest international standard levels, continuous improvement and Online certificates, thus allowing us to execute our services as an integrated team with our clients.

Another aspect that stands out as a corporation is the operational culture «Committed to life and your safety» with excellent processes in managerial and operational safety that guarantee and make our statistics possible, being recognized by our clients as a reliable company for the execution of their operational needs.

Our organization intervenes and contributes to the economic and social development of the communities with the implementation of the best management and operational practices that facilitate the training and growth of our professionals. At the same time, we provide services, solutions and technologies that allow our customers to improve their efficiency and obtain response capacity in well productivity that provides an operational and profitable value.

As a corporation, we believe, as our values emphasize, in assuring the commitment acquired with the client when assigning an operation, but above all, being proud that all our services are carried out and conducted with ETHICS and ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY, respecting and complying with the laws, because it is part of our deepest values. That is why ethics prevails in everything we do, day-by-day, in our organization.

PetroAlianza has stood out for a considerable corporate growth in the last 10 years, positioning itself as an independent oil company, with presence and operations in different Venezuela countries with different operational divisions.

Our clients benefit from our degree of technical management, with professional experience under international standards; adapting our technologies to each particular case and above all to perfectly understand the challenges in each working environment within the different cultures and social conditions under which we operate.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being recognized in providing consistent products and services, of greater value in effective cost / value solutions adapted to the needs within the international parameters in quality processes.