Modern and reliable oilfield services company dedicated to the provision of equipment and services for the oil and gas industry. We form an integral corporation that intervenes and operates being very responsible in all countries where we provide services.


Management of innovative projects


We are one of the leading oil services companies with innovative technology and project management according to the needs of the client, in order to provide the widest variety of options for their operations and jobs in the oil and gas industry in Venezuala. Our practices and processes guide us to control operations.

PetroAlianza is an oilfield services company that is committed to the constant evolution of the hydrocarbon industry. We offer integrated OFS services complying with high international standards, which have allowed us a rapid growth, achieving the crystallization of 3 operational bases; which have generated multiple working fronts simultaneously, 220 direct employees and the intervention to more than 1,600 wells..

Of recognized name in the Industry for its trajectory and reliability, PetroAlianza offers efficient services and equipment in accordance with its own technologies, while providing integral solutions tailored to its customers.

The modern infrastructure, the generation of own patents, the development of science and technology, the successful management and the excellence in the delivery of products and services have ratified the positioning of the organization in the market, making sure to always be in the vanguard of the innovation and contributing to the development in the oil industry and the economic growth of each country where we operate.

PetroAlianza operates under the most strict international Quality and Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental standards (ISO 9000), in addition to having its own integrated management system for each of its operations.

In PetroAlianza, we are proud to have talented professionals, with recognized and highly qualified experience, who continuously expand the operational limits to provide our clients with the broadest range of options in their operations; with an open disposition to face and assume the challenges and commitments imposed by the market, maintaining the constant search for excellence.