It is an operation software developed by PetroAlianza which allows the operation of the CT Spiral Ventury Tool and the DualCT to be simulated from a mathematical model.

High quality standards


PetroAlianza is an international company that provides oilfield services, focused on innovative technologies and processes, in order to maximize the productivity of wells in oil and gas fields. As a vision, we are envisioned to become a company with its own technological developments that will allow us to make the operation more efficient, increase production and ultimately satisfy our customers with the highest quality standards. For this reason, it has developed the CT Spiral Venturi Tool ™ with patentable technology, whose objective is to generate a high speed jet to clean the production pipe, by means of some nozzles at the end, at the same time that it sucks and returns to the surface the fluid of cleaning by means of a jet pump, composed of a jet and a venturi.

The tool has a valve system activated by internal pressure that allows to regulate the distribution of the flow of supply between the nozzles of cleaning (nozzle) and the venturi (aspiration). To facilitate the use of the tool, the application «Optimus DualCT Simulator» is developed, which allows simulating the operation in a mathematical model.

Software Properties

  • OPTIMUS DualCT Simulator allows to simulate the operation of the CT Spiral Venturi Tool from a mathematical model.

  • The simulation of optimal pressures and pumping rates for the operation of CT Spiral Ventury Tool and DualCT

Specific data is required

  • Density of the fluid.
  • Type of configuration
  • Bottom pressure
  • Maximum depth (MD).
  • Vertical Depth (TVD).


Data Provided by the simulator

  • Pumping rate.
  • Rate of return.
  • Switch pressure.
  • Annular velocity of fluid.