Modern well completion technology adapted to the specific needs of our clients with a truly consultative approach. Our portfolio of equipment and accessories of field-tested completions can minimize costs, reduce risks and optimize production.

Parameters Monitoring

Reservoir Completions

To offer a platform of integrated services; PetroAlianza is able to provide a proven portfolio of well completion technologies (Completions), along with experience in the field and the commitment to execute the work impeccably.

PetroAlianza provides innovative solutions in challenging scenarios according to the client’s requirements, which require integrated systems and well-defined project management.

It is very important to highlight conventional well completion products to more complex systems, which have an advanced monitoring control, they are high technology products that allow the certification available in the market and are perfectly integrated to execution, which helps to optimize the recovery and the maximization in the production of the reservoirs.


While implementing our innovative COMPLETIONS portfolio to address our client’s specific needs and challenges, PetroAlianza is offering a wide range of well completion accessories to complement completions systems and mitigate the risk in the life of the well. Our products solve the problems related to the movement of pipes, the accumulation of incrustations, corrosion, erosion, selective production, zonal isolation, among others.

Plugs for permanent pipes

Some of the accesories we have are:

· Chemical injection mandrels
· Adjustable joints
· Expansion joints
· Circulation Valves
· Blind plugs
· Circulation sleeves
· Setting Niples
· Bridge plugs for permanent and temporal pipes
· Liner hanger
· Auxiliary completions accesories

We also provide, within our completion portfolio, integrated completions systems for permanent monitoring. This is a donwhole measuring technology that incorporates surface data acquisition. This allows remote monitoring of wells and surface facilities in real-time.