It is a coadjuvant in the optimization of oil production and transport systems, without the application of diluents and thermal methods, efficiently reducing the levels of shear stress and pressure required by the surface pumping systems.


Flow Regime Modifier

It is a friction reducer formulated based on mixtures of water-soluble tension-active agents, with effective performance in production systems where medium, heavy and extra-heavy oil are mobilized.

The reduction of friction is achieved by changes in the physical-chemical interaction between the fluid and the surface of the pipe through which the crude oil moves, exchanging the wall-oil contact system for the wall-water-oil system, where the oil it is under tremendously diminished friction forces, achieving a flow at higher speeds without major changes in viscosity.

Typical Applications:

  • In flow lines.
  • In well heads
  • Transport ducts.

      Characteristics of Technology:

  • Not corrosive, Non flammable, Non toxic.
  • Based on the principle of wettability change.
  • Compatible with most types of chemical treatments (corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides, demulsifiers, surfactants, among others).
  • It does not originate stable emulsions.
  • Typical treatment dosages, based on the total fluid rate produced, ranges from: 500 PPM (or 0.05% v/v) to 10,000 PPM (or 1% v/v).