Surface Production Management

General description

To present a solution that includes planning and management of the project, being a technical, administrative and operational support for our clients, with an economic, competitive proposal, as well as additional benefits with multiservices, is a key differentiator for PetroAlianza.

Proven experience:

  • Different completion types and lifting systems
  • Exploratory and development wells
  • Light, intermediate and especially in heavy-oil reservoirs 
  • Wells with high water cut
  • Gas wells, among others

Tests in blocks:

  • Planning, Development and Integrated Project Management
  • Compliance with national regulations  (Resolution 181495 dated September 2nd – 2009, Ministry of Energy and Mines)
  • Reception, measurement and sales characteristics or final disposal
  • Inspection and delivery of crude oil.

We solve fluid challenges management on surface with efficient technology and a team of highly qualified specialists, to evaluate from heavy oil to high pressures and gas flows, maintaining the measurements and characteristics of fluids in exploratory wells.