The GasGun has the ability to generate multiple radial fractures up to 10 meters (35 feet) from the well.

Well stimulation


GasGun is a fracture device based on a solid propellant, incorporating the most advanced design that currently exists with the use of propellants that are activated progressively, this technology has proven to be much more effective in the creation of fractures and increase of permeability. The technology has been used since 1994 in more than 10,000 stimulation jobs worldwide. In Venezuela PetroAlianza provides the service through its partnership with GasGun Inc.


  • Removal of formation damage caused by drilling fluids, scale, cement filtering, etc. in the areas around the well.
  • Creation of fractures in existing perforatge tunnels.
  • Breaking the formation prior to stimulation work with the aim of reducing treatment pressures.
  • It reduces the tortuosity that can generate screen outs in a hydraulic fracturing job.
  • Creation of fractures in the preferential planes.
  • Increase in injection rates in wells subjected to secondary recovery by water injection.
  • Effective and low cost stimulation in horizontal wells, with minimum equipment required.

Specifications table

Part Number




Length of Charge

0.5-1 meter

1.5-2 meters

2.5-3 meters

Total Length (in) [mm]

53.25 [1353]

92.25 [2343]

131.25 [3334]

Number of ports




Max Temp. (°F) [°C]

280 [138]*

280 [138]*

280 [138]*

Max Pressure (psi) [MPa]

8000 [55]

8000 [55]

8000 [55]