CT Spiral Venturi Tool®

It is a technology patented by PetroAlianza and used to generate a high-speed jet in a spiral form through grooves located at the end of the tool, for the removal of formation damage caused by mud cake and the recovery of fluids to surface in order to restore the productivity of the wells.

Patented technology


The CT Spiral Venturi Tool (U.S. Appl. No. 62 / 358,947) is a well service tool operated by flow pressure. It is used to clean sand from the wells and recovery of drilling fluids in conjunction with the Dual CT.

The tool works in 3 modes of operation: Cleaning, cleaning and suction and only suction that can be controlled on the surface by adjusting the pumping rate. The tool can be run into the well in conjunction with pressure and temperature sensors. The tool is only 3.5 in length which allows adding the indexing tool to access wells in difficults completions.



  • Removal of mud cake and recovery of drilling fluids.
  • Removal of mud cake and recovery of drilling fluids.
  • Cleaning of low pressure wells and induction to production without the need to use nitrogen.
  • Evaluation of the integrity and production along the liner.

The parameters for both modes are:

Cleaning mode:

  • Pump Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Pump Pressure: 3000PSI
  • Pumping Rate: 0.7 BPM
  • Return Rate: 0.63 BPM

Venturi Mode:

  • Pump Pressure:3500 PSI.
  • Pumping Rate: 0.66 BPM.
  • Return Rate: 0.89 BPM.
  • Switch Pressure: 4000 PSI.