PetroAlianza leads Coiled Tubing operations for rehabilitation of oil and gas wells through innovative methods and technologies which have made of our services to be a success, while increasing well’s production in benefit of our clients.

Our Equipment


PetroAlianza offers a wide selection of services that provide real solutions to achieve the optimization of oil and gas wells production, through the control, operation, automation and improvement in innovative technological systems that are characteristic for each client.

The innovative methods of well interventions with Coiled Tubing has allowed the execution of innumerable applications for the maintenance and rehabilitation of wells of light, medium, heavy, extra-heavy oil, gas and water injectors. In 2012, we started operations with Coiled Tubing, maintaining experience and knowledge not only in the operation of the equipment, but also in the development of special projects that have been key factors for the success achieved in the provision of services.


PetroAlianza consolidates its operations, covering the expectations of customers with the Dual Coiled Tubing (DCT) system, which includes well cleaning and stimulation; being the services more applicable to deviated wells and heavy and extra-heavy oil wells. However, in comparison with other oilfield services companies, PetroAlianza is the only company that has a technology developed, patented and designed specifically for such type of wells, allowing us to guarantee integrity and production.

Our conventional Coiled Tubing equipment uses flexible pipe with a length of up to 20,000 feet depending on the pipe diameter (1.25 “- 1.5” – 1.75 “- 2”). Different fluids such as water, acids, solvents, nitrogen, other chemicals or sludge can be pumped through Coiled Tubing in order to clean obstructions or deal with specific problems such as paraffine and scale in the oil, gas and injector wells.


In February 2016, it starts the development and testing of our CT SPIRAL VENTURI TOOL® technology to intervene heavy and extra-heavy oil wells. Fist application was successfully completed in August 2016.

Advantages of using Coiled Tubing:

  • Rapid Mobilization
  • Reduced rig-up and rig-down times
  • Running time to and from the bottom of the well is very short
  • Allows running-in and running-out the well while pumping
  • Allows life well interventions
  • Does not require removing existing completion from the well
  • Reduced crew size
  • Lower exposure of personnel to wellhead pressure
  • Allows real-time logging in live wells
  • There are no interruptions to connect sections of pipe
  • Unlimited movement of pipe while maintaining circulations
  • Precise depth control
  • Adequate fluids placement


Coiled Tubing Applications

  • Sand clean outs – Debris clean outs
  • Wells evaluation and inductions without nitrogen
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Nitrogen Induction
  • Cleaning with nitrified fluids
  • Reactive stimulation treatments (with organic and inorganic acids)
  • Non-reactive stimulation treatments (with solvents and surfactants)
  • Remedial cementing (plugs and squeezes)
  • Speed strings installations
  • Cleaning with high-impact jetting tool
  • Drilling and milling applications
  • Fishing operations
  • Running completions with coiled tubing
  • Pressure and Temperature Logs – Memory mode
  • Perforating