Corporative SOCIAL Responsibility

Our social actions have been recognized and materialized in projects of community interest, which are evidenced through the support to public institutions in which different parts of the society are represented.

Significant support in the areas of health and education

Contributing to corporative SOCIAL responsibility

PetroAlianza maintains a relationship of solidarity and respect with local institutions and neighboring communities. Our actions allow us to maintain a positive social and environmental balance, in which social contributions and humanitarian relations with the communities, public institutions, suppliers, clients and collaborators are fundamental.

In this sense, our performance in terms of corporate social responsibility has been recognized and materialized in projects of community interest, reflected in the support of institutions that have had the participation of different parts in the society to improve health and education systems.
This is evidenced in our articulation and institutional link with FundAlianza «Mano Amiga»; a foundation that contributes to the strengthening of organizations committed to the areas of health and education.

This premise identifies and sustains PetroAlianza´s organizational culture by means of with significant and relevant support to FundAlianza (Mano Amiga); a nonprofit organization that strives to consolidate social actions with support and voluntary help, thus promoting collective conscience.

Contributing to the social and economic development of communities, respect and concern for the human being are fundamental to FundAlianza ( “Mano Amiga” ), an example of this are the many cooperation activities, contributions and donations that have crystallized in hospitals and educational institutions, which are aimed at promoting development among its collaborators, as well as the Community sectors near to the working areas of the foundation.

From this perspective, the above allows us to recognize the initiative of FundAlianza in achieving the integral development of the communities, in a transparent, responsible and sustainable manner, contributing to improve the competitiveness and service provision of each favored institution, through the collection and provisioning of resources that comply with the social contributions.

FundAlianza works hard and in accordance with its objectives of contributing, rescuing and strengthening each of the needs of their communities that guarantee good living and health conditions.

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