Welcome to PetroAlianza

We are a venezuelan private and independent oilfield services company focused on innovative technologies and processes, to maximize the productivity of wells in oil and gas fields.

Destined to success
Innovative technologies

We are oriented towards innovative processes through the inhouse creation of patented technologies and strategic alliances with technology corporations. Our corporation owns innovative technologies that not only help finding and producing new oil fields, but also enable the recovery of pre-existing resources from current oilfields. Our corporation owns innovative technologies that help finding and commercializing oil fields, and also enables the recovery of field’s pre-existing resources.

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Passionate about Excellence

Our passion for safety and excellence makes us to focus on innovating ideas to satisfy and understand and client’s needs, as well as to generate the best technologies and solutions to lower operational costs increase production

Committed to Life and your Safety

Providing and quality in each of our services is our priority, focused on the prevention of events through the implementation of all our control mechanisms established in our SIAHO management system.

Committed to the Environment

We are a socially responsible corporation that actively and voluntarily contributes in caring and preserving the environment. Planting a tree is not only to awareness, it is as well the ratification of our commitment in preserving the ecosystem.

Our Company

We are a modern, technological, dynamic, responsible company with human talent to face the challenges and competitiveness of recent times.
We are always at the forefront of innovation contributing to the development of the oil industry and the economic growth in Venezuela where we operate

New Challenges

According to our expansion plans and vision of being the leading company in Coiled Tubing services in Venezuela, we have started operations with the Alianza V barge in Lake Maracaibo, the most modern and versatile unit that offers advanced services in Coiled Tubing and Stimulation.

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